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I first started undergoing training for Eyelash Extensions in November last year to offer an add on service and expand my mobile beauty business.  I had no idea personally about the experience of eyelash extensions and really didn’t think too much of it, so I thought I should experience it for myself. I am a stickler for the dramatic strip lashes . I love that I can remove them after my night out as I am an unsettled sleeper at the best of times and I toss and turn like a washing machine. I wouldn’t have to worry about waking up with flat, lashes sticking out in all directions. Ladies – we know that happens every time we sleep in our falsies…

After my first visit, I quickly realised the beauty and not forgetting the addiction of Eyelash Extensions.

When I think of paying for lash extensions, I want something that is going to stand out, look a little more dramatic than “natural” and last as long as possible – of course with not much time to prep myself each and every morning. Which is half the reason why I only leave my strip lash applications for the weekend. When forking out up to $150 for a full set of silk lashes – I want people to notice my falsies, if I didn’t – why would I pay so much? That’s not to mean I want to walk around with 3 sets of Kim Kardashian lashes on, but I want some people to notice other than me.
With this being said, that’s just my personal opinion and everyone is different and may want them for other reasons.

Although I am an experienced technician, I want to walk you through MY personal experience as a paying customer. I am going to bare it all. Now lets get into the nitty gritty of it all.

The initial process can take upto 2 hrs and this includes the 10-15min consultation where you discuss what type of look you want, how thick, full and long you request them to be and what type of curl (C for natural and D for dramatic). Some technicians may sit down and show you photos of different types of looks, others may quickly go over what they think would look best for your face. In my case, I didn’t have any of that – it was simply “lie down” and “how was your weekend”.

I was then told to look up with my eyes open, my technician taped down my bottom lashes using micropore tape and silk eye pads. This is to ensure the lash extensions aren’t applied to the bottom lashes and avoiding glueing my eyes shut. How did I know this? A girl I knew had her eyes glued shut!

Once I was taped up and ready to roll, I was told to close my eyes and relax. Knowing this procedure is going to take 2 hours, I start to think the worst. What if I fall asleep, embarrass myself with my loud snoring and jump when I wake up and try to open my eyes whilst there is glue, sharp tweezers and everything else poking around my eyes.
Well I can’t say that won’t happen to you, but I will say the environment is super relaxing. You are lying down on a massage bed, the lights are dimmed with a scented candle burning whilst relaxing spa music is softly playing in the background – I 100% experienced what they call a lash nap and woke up with luscious thick lashes!

Whilst the lashes are being applied, my technician put me at ease with reassuring updates on what she was doing each time. “I’m just going to start with applying a lash primer, this is to remove any excess products or mascara off the lashes so that the glue bonds well with the lashes” – for those makeup beauties that use a primer in their daily makeup routine – this is the same thing, but for lashes.

For a first time lash customer, I really appreciated knowing each step of the way so I wasn’t confused and scared. It’s quite a vulnerable experience having your eyes closed for 2 hours with a complete stranger not knowing what exactly they are doing or what big nasty pimple they are staring at on your forehead and all of a sudden you feel a liquid being brushed through your lashes and you think- what the hell is that!


If you’re thinking of getting lash extensions, make sure to do your research, go to a technician that’s recommended by friends who had successful results or look at people’s lashes in the streets/class/work and don’t be afraid to ask them.  Read reviews to weigh up the pros and cons, and make sure you’re prepared to accept the good with the potential bad. I had a great experience and due to this I know what service I want to provide to my clients when they decide to try eyelash extensions. Whether its a first time customer, or someone coming to me with a history of dodgy lash extensions from Thailand – I’d love to help you feel as amazing as I did and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed (I’m not even bothered if that sounds up myself – I know that I am good). But BEWARE – it becomes addictive and you will be spending quite a bit of $$ trying to maintain them but it is well worth it.

Before you ask the question – No my lashes have not been damaged in the process – I think it’s a myth, now knowing and being trained in the field of lash extensions I can confirm that it really depends on the technician and how heavy handed they are with the application of glue. Too much glue is not a good thing! The golden rule of having lash extensions is the less you touch them, the longer they last. Do not pick at your lashes, twist them or even wipe them dry after a shower. You will very soon learn how to care for lash extensions .

Happy lashes my ladies and please feel free to share your personal experience of having lash extensions, whether its by me or some other amazing beauty queen in your life

Regards :mandeep




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